Adopt a family in Mexico

Jesús María is a town in the region of Los Altos of the Mexican state of Jalisco, approximately 2 hours east of Guadalajara. Most of its economy depends on agriculture. Unfortunately, due to several floods, many families around the area have lost their crops and are in a very difficult financial situation. 

The median income in two of the affected towns that we visited is less than $5 dollars per day, for a family of four.  

During July 2019, a group of Apoyando un Ángel volunteers visited the surrounding small towns in Jesus Maria Jalisco and distributed shoes, clothes, school supplies and backpacks for children. 

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Poni, 63 families received a Poni card with $300 pesos as a donation during our July visit. 

Now, you too can help these families and assist them in supporting their children’s education.


How can you help?

Poni is partnering with Apoyando a un Ángel to facilitate the process of getting donation funds. Each of the 63 families that Apoyando a un Ángel is supporting, in the area of Jesus Maria, has received and registered a Poni card.

You can send a donation of $25 to one of these families to help them provide nutritious meals, books, or medicine to their children. For each first remittance that the registered family receives with their Poni card, Poni will donate them $500 pesos (close to $25 dollars). Contact us for more information on how to donate to these families.

You can also support  our organization by registering your Poni card with the code ANGEL, and Poni will provide Apoyando a un Ángel with a donation.

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What is Poni?

Poni is financial technology that enables receivers to get their money from international remittances any time, at any ATM in the receiving country, without the need for a traditional bank account and without paying any ATM fees. At the moment, only transfers from the United States to Mexico are allowed.